OpenFlightGPS Unlimited 3.5

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!NOTE! Los Angeles TAC chart is currently not useable due to a technical issue !NOTE!

GPS Moving Map successor to "OpenFlight Map". Downloadable geo-referenced aviation charts - Sectional, World Aeronautical, Enroute Low, Terminal Area; also includes non-geo-referenced VFR flyways charts.

Please try "OpenFlightGPS Free" version (limited to 2 simultaneous maps) before purchasing to ensure compatibility with your device and suitability for your purpose.
"OpenFlightGPS Unlimited" XOOM/tablet compatible - allows unlimited cached aviation charts, good for one year of downloading. The complete set is about 150 charts - note that the application may initialize more slowly if a very large number of charts is cached. Add to or change your set of charts at any time via WIFI download from within the app. Geo-referenced, moving map technology including access to all (1) Sectional (VFR), (2) World Aeronautical (WAC), (3) Enroute Low (IFR) and (4) Terminal Area (TAC) Charts for the contiguous 48 United States. Also includes non-Geo-Referenced Fly Way Charts. Individual charts are downloaded on demand through the app; individual chart files are between 2 and 10 megabytes, so WIFI works best when caching maps.

When moving, "GPS Mode" shows graphic (miniature airplane with pointer) pointing in direction of movement. When stopped, graphic changes to a house icon. "Compass Mode" shows the direction ON THE MAP that the device is pointed. Also shows current latitude, longitude and altitude and current map scale.

Designed for the Motorola XOOM (and most other tablets with Android 2.2 or above), but also works on cell phone devices.

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